At Asquith’s, we have a range of high-welfare meat and poultry, all Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred of course!

Our vision is to supply customers with the highest quality meat that both tastes delicious, and helps to benefit the local society as a whole.


Farm Fresh Poultry



Our chickens are available all year round and are kept to high welfare standards in large open sheds full of

natural light and perches to keep them active. Our birds arrive as chicks and are a minimum of 12 weeks old at the time of slaughter – in comparison to commercial birds that are typically killed at just six weeks!

We regularly supply The Board Inn at Lealholm, North Yorkshire with chickens, with head chef Alistair describing them as, “absolutely superb, they are tender and full of flavour.”

Our chickens come oven ready. Chicken fillets, legs and thighs can also be supplied.


Our prize asset! Our traditionally reared turkeys are allowed to grow naturally and at their own pace until full maturity, reaching a minimum of 22 weeks of age. They are free to roam in large straw-laden sheds with lots of natural light, perches and space.

Enjoying a diet of naked oaks and vegetables, our birds are brimmed with flavour. We dry-pluck them by hand and then hang them for a minimum of seven days, ensuring both taste and tenderness for your Christmas dinner centrepiece.

Our local turkeys oven-ready couldn’t be easier to prepare. They arrive in a convenient carry-home box, complete with detailed cooking instructions. Everything has been made easy for you – including the finishing touch of fresh herbs.

We have two species of turkey for you to choose from:

  • Bronze Feathered Turkeys – available in weights between 4kg and 11kg.
  • White Feathered Turkeys –  available in weights between 4kg and 15kg.

We are very proud to have excellent processing facilities on the farm, and continue to invest and upgrade these. This means the turkeys do not have the stress of transport before slaughter – a factor that can often damage the quality of the meat. We carry out every part of the processing on the farm, giving us complete control and traceability over out products and procedures.

Before ordering, it is important to consider how you would like your turkey to come and in what quantity, we have three options for you:

Whole Turkey

Our most popular product is a whole oven ready turkey.  These come in weights from 4 to 11 kg (9 to 22 lb) including the giblets.  The turkey comes oven ready in a box and garnished with fresh herbs. We also throw in a recipe card complete with a table of cooking times, giving you simple instructions on how to roast the bird perfectly.

Turkey Crown

This is a whole turkey with the legs and back removed, leaving the breast on the bone. Giblets aren’t included.

Boned and Rolled Turkey

This is the breast, leg and thigh meat all boned and rolled into joints. The bones are all removed which makes this the ideal joint for slicing. Giblets aren’t included.


We supply ducks from March to September and then again at Christmas.

Our ducks are sold as whole birds and are a minimum of eight weeks old at slaughter. They are reared indoors but of course, to high welfare standards with plenty of room to quack about (sorry!).


Our geese are free range and left to roam our fields grazing grass during the day, bringing them in at night to protect them from foxes.

We get our geese as chicks in May and they are reared to full maturity in our pastures at their own pace, and are available for the Christmas period. They are an excellent alternative to turkey, and their fat – often expensive in shops – comes separately and is great for cooking vegetables, particularly roast potatoes!

Giblets are included unless specified.


From March to November we supply quail eggs, with one of our most popular buyers being The Star Inn the Harbour, Whitby – Michelin-starred chef Andrew Pern’s latest venture.

We hatch our own chicks onsite, with females kept for egg laying and males fattened to kill, and then being sold as dressed birds.

Note: All our birds are slaughter on site by us. We meet all standards and continue to invest in our onsite processing facilities.



We have 12 sows which we use for breeding, with our girls averaging 2.4 litters each per year.
All of our pigs live on straw-laden yards and are kept in small numbers. Some pigs are sold at ten weeks old as weaners, and some are finished to 22 weeks old for meat. We can supply fully butchered half pigs for people, including sausages and bacon.